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  • Garage Cabinets

About 1st Choice Storage Solutions

1st Choice Storage is an affordable home storage company, with years of experience. 1st Choice builds any space saving storage in your home including:  garage cabinets, Overhead Racks and Roll Outs.

Garage Cabinets

Here at 1st Choice Storage Solutions we offer a variety of garage storage options to fulfill all your organizational needs. From a complete wall of cabinets, to a custom workbench, to convenient overhead storage, 1st Choice Storage Solutions is committed to helping you reclaim your wasted garage space. 

Roll Outs

We know how irritating it can be trying to grab a pan from the back of your kitchen cabinets. You stretch your arm and pull out your back, and just when you think you have it, you have to pull out all the pots and pans in front of it so they don’t spill out. Kitchen sliders are the perfect solution to cabinet overflow.

Simply slide out the whole drawer, grab what you need, and slide the whole shelf back in.

Overhead Racks

Our racks allow you to make you garage a more functional space for your vehicle.  With a maximum of 600  pounds in weight limit you will be able to store many items.

If you could use your space more efficiently, wouldn’t you? Getting your bins, your boxes and tools up and off the ground and onto a Metal Hanging Rack is definitely the best way to reclaim your garage space. 



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